We support Mind in their work to fight mental illness.

At Epassi we strive to boost everyday well-being for our clients and for our end-users. But we know that the need of help can go beyond than the offers we can provide. Especially during Christmas and the holiday season the need of support for individuals suffering from mental illness and anxiety increases. To pull our weight in this very important matter we have decided to support the Swedish organization Mind, in their work to fight mental illness as our Christmas gift for 2021.

Mind supports individuals in need of human support by providing phone support and a shoulder to cry on for suicidal persons, elderly, and parents worried for their children to help them overcome their worries and struggles. A support that is even more important during the holiday season. Mind provide the opportunity for more people to reach a human voice and support in their time of need. So that less people will feel lonely during the Christmas season, and that the ones in need will find hope and security in their everyday life.


Do you want to know more about Mind and give them your support as well? Check them out here.