Join Epassi to boost everyday well-being.

High-tech with a heart.

At Epassi, we simply love technology as a springboard to boosting  everyday well-being. Believing that people who feel good are the  ones who shape a better tomorrow, we challenge and inspire you  to grow and have fun with us. Bringing out your best self so that  you can pay it forward and make a meaningful difference.

We dare to care.

Smart, passionate and fun peers with high-tech and well-being at heart and in mind, that's our culture at Epassi.

We are striving to lead and be at the forefront of financial technology and mobile payments as an enabler for shaping a better everyday life.

We play to win.

We believe in our people as a team of brilliant individuals who  trust, inspire and support each  other to perform and win together. Sharing ideas, know-how and experience to make progress and bring our business and product to the next level.

We drive change.

We are passionate about helping companies and organizations create attractive and healthy workplaces.

By inspiring people to good eating habits, active lifestyles, culture experiences and more we are part  of changing society for the better.

We grow together.

To invest in people is to embrace  the future – an idea worth sharing. At Epassi, we grow together with our employees and partners to  make more people experience our  world of well-being opportunities  and easy mobile payments.

Open positions.

At Epassi you will get:


Competitive salary.


A great benefit package.


An international environment.


Proper tools to do your job.


Environment that supports well-being.


Work-life flexibility.

Voices from the teams.

Tianran Li, Product Owner

You will feel excited in Epassi if you like to challenge yourself. You will enjoy yourself in Epassi if you like to work as a team. You will love it here if you are keen on rapidly growing business.

In Epassi, I am always thrilled by our outstanding products and inspired by our talented teammates.

Lina Cottman, Digital Marketing Specialist

At Epassi we want to be at the forefront in everything, also when it comes to marketing which makes my job very exciting.

There is always room for development, try new ways, test, and learn. I value our team highly; we help each other out and have a great team spirit cross country.

Frida Elander, Account Manager

There is a large variety of development opportunities within Epassi which I value highly, together with a great sense of community in the company and between teams.

As an Account Manager I have the pleasure to meet many new people and help them find the best solutions for their organizations.

Marcin Gołubienko, Full Stack Developer

As a Full Stack Developer at Epassi, you can fully deep dive into the process of software delivery - from infrastructure, passing backend right through frontend. You decide about technology you use, tools you want to engage and the way you solve issues. We really believe that in terms of technology, every voice matters nevertheless position or experience.

During my work experience, I’ve got opportunity to touch every aspect of software delivery - not only from coding point of view. And - what I appreciate most - is how supportive are my colleagues. This makes a perfect environment for self development and building new skills.