It’s time to get Back to Lunch!

As the covid-19 has had a huge impact on Finnish restaurants, especially those focused on lunch, Epassi has decided to give those restaurants a boost! It is now time to return to the offices and getting back to our old habits with proper lunch breaks.

Epassi has during the last 1,5 year witnessed the same shift in consumer behavior as everyone else. The lunch restaurants have faced a dramatic decrease in visits and sales. The Finnish lunch benefit has been available since the 70’s and was created to ensure a nutritious diet as well as a short break from work with colleagues over food. The health impact is still valid today, and especially now when we’ve been isolated in our homes, and in large parts neglected both nutrition and the socials aspect of eating lunch.

To boost new routines and encourage everyone to get out to lunch; to do good for yourself as well as for restaurants Epassi launches a Back to Lunch-campaign during the fall of 2021. By simply going out to lunch users are entering a weekly raffle with the chance of winning prizes such as gift cards, Adidas clothing, as well as tech-products.

This is a way for Epassi to boost everyday well-being for both our users, our clients, but mainly for our partners and lunch restaurants.


For more information visit our campaign page.

The campaign was launched on September 27th 2021 and will be completed by December 12th 2021.