Foodora enters the lunch benefit with the help of Epassi – You can now pay with Epassi when using Foodora.

Lunch will not be the same, when Foodora expands their service to cover lunch benefit together with Epassi. Customers can now pay their food orders directly on Foodora, using their Epassi lunch benefit.

The lunch benefit covers maximum 11,30 Euros of a given order, and the remaining amount will be paid using Epassi’s MyMoney balance. Thus, enabling consumers to place orders in Foodora that exceed the lunch benefit. 

”This is a real win-win -collaboration that benefit both the customers of Epassi and the customers of Foodora. We are truly excited that we can offer our customers new ways of using our great service!“, says Joonas Kuoronen, CEO of Foodora in Finland. 

 Epassi is glad and proud to be the first in the business to start the collaboration with Foodora. Epassi’s customers in Finland have been wishing for Foodora to be added to our merchant network for a while now.

“We are honored to fulfill this wish together with Foodora. After the pandemic, remote and hybrid work is here to stay. This change in consumer behavior has strengthen the demand for food delivery services, of which Foodora is one of the most significant. For Epassi, it is extremely important to be able to serve our customers in the channels they wish to use. We believe that this partnership is excellent news to all parties involved!”, says John Lindström, Country Manager of Epassi Finland.

The lunch benefit can be used on meal orders only. The benefit is not valid in Foodora Market or in Foodora Shop service. The lunch benefit can be used at any time and several time a day.

This is how you pay with Epassi in Foodora

 The customers can connect their Epassi App together with Foodora service by linking their Epassi account to their own Foodora account. Thereafter, Epassi can be chosen as the payment method for orders. 

The setup may require the latest app versions of both Epassi and Foodora. Epassi is included automatically in the list of available payment methods in the Foodora service. Epassi can be selected by clicking the current payment method (e.g. debit card) at the cashier.

When making the first purchase, the Foodora app will ask to confirm the payment in the Epassi app. The confirmation is needed only once, and it will not be asked again with the future orders.




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Director, Payment Services


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Kyösti Hagert

PR and Communications Lead


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