Epassi’s impressive growth awarded by Financial Times, second year in a row.

Epassi has been listed by The Financial Times among the 1,000 fastest growing companies in Europe, for the second year in a row and the third time in the last five years. Despite challenging market conditions due to exceptional times, the Nordic market leader for employment benefits has been able to keep on growing continuously throughout the recent years. In 2022 Epassi exceeded 500 million euros of GMV, and it expects the strong growth to continue in 2023. 

The ranking made by Financial Times is based on revenue growth at European companies during 2018–2021. Looking at the FT1000 list, a lot can happen in just  one year. Only approximately every third company from the previous year ranking could make it to this year’s list. This is natural; when companies grow to a certain size, their annual growth rates usually start to decrease. Despite being the 17th largest company in the entire listing, Epassi was able to show continuous strong growth and renew its position on the FT1000 list. 

Employers’ constant fight for talent, ability to keep the workforce and the new hybrid working mode are just some of the key focus areas for employers, irrespective of their size or the industry in which they operate. In the middle of growing uncertainty and disruption during recent years, employers have put even more emphasis on the well-being of their employees.  

Employers want to help their employees stay in balance physically and mentally. They prefer solutions which enable them to treat all of their employees equally, no matter if they work from home, office or hybrid. Epassi’s fully digital, easy-to-use and mobile-app-centric product meets well the demanding criteria of today’s employers. We are super excited about being again on the FT1000 list. We are very grateful to our clients and partners for this sign of trust, says Pekka Rantala, Group CEO of Epassi. 

Epassi’s unique mobile approach to employee benefits and a wide offering of benefits fit for all needs is the winning concept in the years to come. Epassi will keep on strengthening its position as the #1 solution for employee benefits in the Nordics.  

Epassi will continue to grow in 2023. In addition to improving our existing product portfolio and user experience, we have been able to introduce new products to the market continuously and quickly, including Epassi ErgoSafe and most recently EpassiBIKE. We are also actively seeking possibilities to expand into new geographies. The strong demand for modern and digitalized employment benefits exists everywhere, summarizes Pekka. 

Pekka Rantala 
CEO, Epassi Group 


About Epassi  

Epassi, founded in 2007 in Helsinki, is a market leader in employee benefits within the Nordics. The unique and scalable solution drives mobile tech and payment solutions to open-up a world of health and well-being possibilities, combining all benefits in one user-friendly service.  

Epassi Group now serves nearly 2 million users, over 10 000 employers, and partners with more than 53 000 service providers. Epassi is the leading fintech company in the Nordic countries.  

Epassi – Boosting everyday well-being.