Collaboration between Mediq Sweden and Epassi to supply coronavirus home testing kits to employers

As the recommendation of work from home due to the coronavirus have been lifted in Sweden; Mediq Sweden and Epassi have signed a contract on supplying coronavirus home testing kits to employees. It is important as employer to ensure a safe and risk-free return to our work places. By supplying home tests an easy and fast confirmation of infection is done, the test has been designed for the recognition of the coronavirus disease by using a rapid antigen definition based on samples taken from the front part of the nose. The test result will be available in approx. 15 minutes. 

The collaboration was first launched in Finland and is now rolled out in Sweden as well. The customers of Epassi Group have now the possibility to order the home testing kits to their offices and employees to make sure of a safe return to the offices. The aim of coronavirus home testing kits offered by employees to their personnel is to prevent the risk of spreading the infection in working communities. It is easy to apply the home testing kit, and the test result will be available immediately. 

The home testing kit referred to, recognizing coronavirus and being CE-marked, SARS-COV-2-antigen rapid test should not be used as the only basis to diagnose or to exclude a coronavirus infection. Because the test result is a situational picture valid only for a moment, tests should be repeated in accordance with the recommendations given by local authorities. If there is a concern about exposure or there are possible symptoms, please obey authorities’ instructions and seek medical services.