I love problems! Well, it would probably be more accurate to say that I love solving problems. 

I'm Ricardo Santos and I get lost in troubleshooting, trying out different solutions, gathering data and learning from them. There isn't much that is better than the feeling you get when you figure something out and "make it work". 

What do you do at work?

Appropriately, I lead a team of troubleshooters. We are a special breed..

What do you do to give the day a little twist?

At the office, I try to at least once go around and just talk to people that I don't usually deal with on a day-to-day basis. It's a nice reset from your own tasks to interact with others who do different things. Could be at a coffee table or even at their own work desk, assuming they don't have the "too busy to breathe" face (it can be hectic sometimes). If they do, I come back another time. When working from home, I sometimes forget to take a break, but when I do, I go outside and curse at the snow until it melts out of sheer embarrassment.

What do you think is characteristic of Epassi as a company?

Two things come to mind: Innovation and genuine care for the employees. Epassi was literally formed because someone asked a simple question: "Why don't we do things another way?" And this mindset seems to permeate throughout the company and everything we do. We are constantly trying to improve. And after nearly 30 years of working in many, many different places, I have never seen this kind of commitment to the well-being of the employees. Epassi goes the extra mile to ensure that employees are happy, knowing that happy employees stick around, are more productive and are more committed to the product. It's not a secret, but it is a mystery that more companies don't do this..  

What is the best thing about working at Epassi?

I've only just started my journey at Epassi, but so far, the freedom to define the way you work, and great colleagues are at the top of the list. And I would be lying if I didn't say that I'm very excited about the upcoming Company Day. 

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