I love to learn new things every day, traveling, yoga  and.. people!

My name is Margarita Hiltunen and I am working as a People and Culture Specialist. Recruitment is a part of my daily job, and my passion is to get to know people and connect them with the right jobs and teams. It is an amazing feeling when I can help someone to find their dream job.

What do you do at work?

This is a hard question since the People & Culture team also can be described as the Superhero team of the company. We will do everything possible to make our employees happy. I have the main responsibility over Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding activities at Epassi. Besides that, I am taking care of onboarding, wellbeing, contracts & admin and much more. This broad role is a perfect match for an active person like me.

What do you do to give the day a little twist?

I share fun facts with my colleagues and get to know them better. For example, this week I learned that my co-worker has been an exchange student at the same place as me: Budapest. We had a nice chat about our experience there and it brought good memories for both of us. When you get to know your co-workers, you often get surprised how much you have in common.

What do you think is characteristic of Epassi as a company?

Epassi is a company where you can see innovation every day! I enjoy being part of a company where people are open minded and giving ideas daily. Our teams are not only developing the product – they also develop processes and ways of working. I feel like I’m not only a People & Culture team member, I’m also a Epassi team member.

What is the best thing about working at Epassi?

The best is that everyone can contribute, and all ideas are welcome! Having a feeling that you can impact on ways of working is giving extra motivation to daily work. Every day is different, and you can always find new projects to take part in and develop. You can always improve your skills and learn something new at Epassi. Learning from each other and sharing information is something that makes me enjoy my daily work, as I can learn about product development and even sales by following our employees and the information they share.

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