I love working in a company that grows and evolves all the time. 

My name is Laura and I’m Head of Data & Analytics at Epassi. I love to try and learn new things – I guess that’s why I keep finding myself in situations that are out of my comfort area.

What do you do to give the day a little twist?

I like having an ice cream from Epassi’s freezer which is full of all sorts of ice cream bars!  

What do you do at work? 

I’m leading a team who develops data and analytics capabilities and provides customer insights to business, marketing, finance, product development and other stakeholders. 

What do you think is characteristic of Epassi as a company?

Epassi cares about its employees’ wellbeing in various ways. So Epassi truly lives according to its values and purpose. 

What is the best thing about working at Epassi?

I love working in a company that grows and evolves all the time. Continuous development is in Epassi’s DNA and challenging the status quo is encouraged. Sometimes it might be a little chaotic, but just that makes things interesting! 

How do you take care of your own well-being?

I enjoy walking and playing with my goofy dog outside! I also go to the gym and love to watch some quality TV shows, such as Real Housewives franchise and Salatut elämät (Finnish soap opera) 😉 They really set my brain function to zero for a while! 

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