Working on interesting challenges with great and open minded colleagues.

My name is Kai, an aging hipster (ie. vinyl records, vintage film cameras, obscure movies & music and drinking loads of tea) working as a Team Lead in Epassis R&D department. I love taking in challenges, solving problems, trusting the process of figuring it all out step by stepand having fun while doing it 

What do you do to give the day a little twist?

Im a compulsive joker, so most of my day is littered by cracking jokes and then putting on a serious face to do some work between the jokes. 

What do you do at work? 

Im leading one of our cross-functional feature teams making sure that my team has a clear road for them to focus on doing their best work, which in practice means that Im talking to a lot of people, tuning our processes and coming up with solutions to remove hindrances. Occasionally I also get to contribute a line or two of code. 

What do you think is characteristic of Epassi as a company?

Very forward looking, investing into people and sustainable growth. 

What is the best thing about working at Epassi?

Working on interesting challenges with great and open minded colleagues as cliched as that may sound. 

How do you take care of your own well-being?

Lots of cycling, hanging out at my workshop or studio, the odd art project to switch my mind to something non-techy, the occasional adventure into wilderness and trying out things for the first time. 

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