Employee benefits

A mobile payment solution for companies who want to gain happy employees and eliminate administration related to benefit handling.



Give benefits to your employees without increasing the workload of HR or payroll

The biggest challenges of employee benefits have been the manual work they require and often costly losses caused by prepaid system. ePassi does not have these problems!

By choosing ePassi, you get:


Costs based on actual use

No prepaid, no losses.

Easy and light to start

No need to distribute vouchers or cards.

Fast to implement

New benefits and adopt local rules and legislation


Only pay for the benefit you actually use

What is the single item almost everyone carries wherever they go? That’s right: a mobile phone. Therefore it’s the best way to pay for employee benefits.

When using ePassi:

Pay only for the benefit you actually use

No prepaid cuts from your paycheck.

Easy to use

Just download the app and you are ready to start using your benefits. You can check your benefit balance from the app anytime.

Wide network of merchants

You can easily find merchants that accept ePassi: just see the map in ePassi app or search for the nearest places when you are on the go.


Why should a payment method cause extra work like calculating vouchers and sending them back to the service provider? With ePassi the process is easy.

As a ePassi merchant:

More customers

You get to promote your goods/services to potential new customers via ePassi app. That means more customers and more sales!

Less ques

Accepting payments is fast and easy. That means less queues.

Cost based on the use

You don’t have to pay any additional card transaction costs.

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